The Marks

I want to curve your exclamation marks
so that, your intonation will lean back to me
and you will ask, and ask, and question
from sharpness to morbid curiosity

but let me duplicate your full-stops, first
I want to create ellipsis between your lips
so that, you will stop each time you trip
on to something that reminds you of me

after that I need to add commas,
in every place it is needed to,
I hope you have all your doubts of me,
because doubts make human,
certainly it is not certainties

may all the colons give us lists,
quotations of happy and bitter things,
that we need to grow, grow and be

or if they won’t, may what follows
will always be an illustrious illustration
to whatever came before
so that, we may know,
we may know and be



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